Company Profile

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AKWA SOLUTIONS is an Australian owned and based company whose major philosophy is to dedicate and provide environmentally responsible technologies and solutions which will benefit and enhance people's life and the world we inhabit.

In January 2013, AKWA SOLUTIONS acquired CCT along with ANC, by combining the necessary resources, this has allowed us to expand the business and continue the development of the group's propriety products.

Since 1993, CCT and ANC have been actively researching and developing their core technologies of electrolytic mineral ion process. Nowaday, AKWA SOLUTIONS has utilised these unique technologies to increase efficiency on mineral colloids production and also increase the capability of large water purification with precise silver ion technology known as Silver Antibacterial Technology.

These unique technologies which can be incorporated in any water treatment system or water filtration system have been proven to be effective in the treatment against bacterial, mould and fungi and to reach its intended objective by using water as its delivery system.

The water that possesses antimicrobial or antibacterial ability can be used or combined with many applications such as domestic, industrial, commercial, horticultural, agricultural, medical, dentistry and domestic animals.

It complies within the World Health Organization Drinking Water Standard, Australian Bottle Water Association Standard and the food grade standard. And it can be used in organic production.