Mineral Colloid

Mineral Colloid

AKWA has developed its own method of producing the highest purity colloid. Having experimented with variety approaches over the past 20 years, AKWA believes that the electrolytic method is the best method of colloid production and utilizes this method to produce all of its colloidal dispersions. This is due to the fact that no other substances are introduced into the solution to degrade the quality or performance of the product. Admittedly there are other people successfully making and marketing colloidal preparations using electrolytic technology. However, what sets AKWA apart from the others is the state of the art equipment that has been designed and built at the AKWA laboratories in Melbourne, Australia specifically for the purpose.

Firstly all water used for production is triple filtered to remove all suspended particles and contaminants. It also has all traces of chemicals such as chlorine and any organics removed. The water is then completely deionised. This procedure removes impurities virtually on the atomic level. On completion of this procedure the water is then deoxygenated. This is quite important as oxygen can produce oxides of the mineral being used during the dispersal process if it is present.

The minerals used for dispersal are provided by an approved supplier who furnishes a certificate with each batch of mineral provided as parts of the rigorous quality control procedures that have been laid down. The details of this are then recorded along with other data including an individual batch number of completed dispersion of each.

It is common knowledge that water of purity as high as what AKWA use for the basis of the colloid is very resistant to any type of processing at all. Even though the electronic equipment is virtually infallible, a registered, independent laboratory tests every batch of colloid produced. This is to ensure that the highest standard is maintained and every bottle is marked with the batch number and concentration of mineral in it.

Slight variations in concentration will always be observed between batches that are produced. This is because the colloidal dispersions are not diluted or reduced after being produced, and influences beyond human control come into play when producing colloids. There are many influences on the manufacture of colloids that do not fall into the category of mainstream science that have to be taken into consideration.

Each batch is electrolytically made of deionised water and high purity mineral without artificial stabilisers or coloring. No proteins, compounds mineral powder or mineral salts are used in our colloid products.

How to store these mineral colloids for keeping the best result

  • Store in a cool place
  • Do not freeze
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Keep away from magnetic fields and electrical currents